miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

How to act during the earthquake?
You have to keep calm and try to instill peace to those around you, especially if they are children. Seeks refuge in sturdy furniture: under a table or desk. You can also be saved beneath the lintels of the doors or in a master pillar. Never place near windows or furniture that could fall on you.

There are certain actions that should never be taken in case of accident or sudden illness:
• Do not touch the wound with unsterile materials. Nor should they blow.
• No wash deep wounds or fractures. Simply cover them with sterile dressings.
• The wounds were cleaned out, never inwards.
• Do not put cotton directly on wounds or burns.
• Do not apply adhesive tape directly to wounds or burns.
• Bandages should not be placed neither too tight nor too loose.
• Do not feed or drink to a victim.

What to do in case first aid is required:
If it's an accident or sudden illness, a number of steps to be followed for proper assistance to the victim:
• It is best to do nothing when you have no knowledge of first aid procedures. Ignorance can lead to taking actions that might aggravate the situation.
• Always keep calm, act quickly and quietly to avoid disturbing the injured.
• Never leave a victim. Ask for help and the necessary transportation.
• Inspect for wounds or injuries have not seen in the first instance.
• Unless necessary, it is preferable to leave the victim in the same position.
• If necessary, provide artificial respiration to the victim.
• In case of severe bleeding, try to stop compressing the wound with bandages or tourniquets, as appropriate.

• cover your mouth and nose with a piece of clothing to avoid inhaling toxic gases during evacuation
• crawl low under smoke to safety, staying as close to the ground as possible (smoke always rises)
• touch any door (not the knob) to see if it is hot, and if so, know not to open it but find another exit
• never stop to search personal belongings during the evacuation
• Never re-enter the building on fire once they are out of danger on the outside of the
• stop, drop and roll over themselves to put out the flames if any of their clothing catches fire